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In Memoriam page entry / Submit a biography

The first step to honour a soldier's memory is to have him represented on the relevant In Memoriam page, with your name (and that of any other close relative) alongside his. Just let me know who you'd like to have standing alongside the soldier being represented, and some indication of where in the world you are, and I'll do the rest.

The next stage would be to submit a biography (with accompanying images if at all possible - but not a requirement) which will then be linked from the soldier's listing on the In Memoriam page. Put some words together (10 to 10,000), along with any images (attached to the email rather than embedded in the biography please), send them to me using the above email address and I will be honoured to create a page dedicated to your relative or research subject.

If you need help refining a biography, I will be glad to assist. Whilst the site editor's decision is final on posted material, your biography will be gratefully received and will be of immense value and interest to the 4th CMR and wider WW1 communities.

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