In Memoriam

The following alphabetised pages list all 4,545 men currently known to have served with the 4th CMR.

On each page you will see that some men have been represented by individuals today. The ethos of this site is to ensure that they are not forgotten, and we can do this by "standing alongside them" on the In Memoriam pages and, if at all possible, by submitting biographies so that others may know their stories.

The ranks listed with each man are generally those recorded as the closing rank on leaving the 4th CMR for another unit, or that achieved with the 4th CMR at war's end.

If you wish to represent a soldier of the 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles, please do contact

The number of 4th CMR men personally represented on the In Memoriam pages currently stands at: 797

The number of biographies submitted to honour their memories stands at: 473

In Memoriam pages - A to Z
AAbbey to AylingNNadeau to Nutter
BBabbitt to BywaterOOblander to Ouellette
CCable to CuttsPPaddock to Pypre
DDadey to DynesQQua to Quinney
EEade to EwartRRackliff to Ryden
FFairbairn to FurrySSabine to Symons
GGagne to GuyTTaber to Tyler
HHabick to HyslopUUglow to Uttley
IIlcken to IzzardVVair to Vollick
JJackson to JuddWWaddell to Wysner
KKallar to KyleX-
LLa Pierre to LyonsYYade to Yule
MMacArthur to MysersZZettell and Zieman

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